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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Songs that need motion

I've realized lately that I like to listen to most songs while in motion. I don't like listening to my iPod while I'm not moving; even when I'm in a car or bus, I often have to pause the music when we stop because the song just needs motion. A song with a good driving drum beat will need more motion than one without, but it isn't necessarily about speed - like a slower song could potentially need motion just as much as a faster one if it had a good beat. I've considered that this might be OCD, but if it was, there wouldn't really be any reason for the pausing and playing of the music. No, it's more than just random compulsions - these songs really have an element of motion to them. I've also considered music-motion syn, which makes more sense. But usually this syn makes people literally move their bodies to the music, and this isn't that extreme.

So what do you guys think? A dumbed-down version of music-motion syn? OCD? Or a mix of the two?

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